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Timothy also known as "Tenacious" is a Zambian born Hiphop and RnB artist inspired to make good positive music for the spirit,soul, mind and body with an ambition to reach all age groups through Gospel music. His love for music was an early passion he desired to grow and in 2013 he began his musical endeavors and had the privilege of working on his first single stay strong featuring his old time childhood friend Longwe, locally known as DjLo. He has worked with several artists including Dennis-Red, ThatBoy Massin,Costa Drillz, Tony Grammz, D Jonz and BM Sampa just to mention a few. His unique fusion of afro and hiphop is another element that has proven to be a bombshell as he loves to experiment with music and different sounds. Most of his inspiration has been drawn from artists such as Flame, Pompi, Lecrae,Triplee,Plus one,Nf. Tenacious as his name implies is a dedicated, ambitious individual seeking to be a leading role model for not only our generation but the generation to come. For More Information...