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Birthmark Maka Mw
Birthmark Maka Banda is RnB Artist based in Lilongwe. He was born in Lilongwe on 1st January 1990 at Kamuzu Central Hospital. His home village is kasungu.  Birthmark Banda started singing when he was in a church choir which he never liked though his parents wanted him to do so. As he was in a church choir he started discovering his potential and by the grace of God he begun to compose his own tracks.  He had dreams and believed that one day he would become a star than he is today. He reflect a varied personality including ambition, and the qualities of and thoughtfulness. Birthmark Banda is motivated by his love for singing and succeeding as he strive to become an outstanding and successful man, With the definitive goal of reaching international level. Birthmark went to Ntcheu secondary school and that was where he did his M.S.C.E, in 2008 to 2010 he went to Malawi Institute of Tourism and did tourism from there he also did Electrical Engineering and Graphic Designing in Lilongwe Technical College that was in 2011 to 2014.He has a Diploma in Tourism and in Electrical Engineering. And now he is working with Intermed Malawi Medical Supplies in Lilongwe. Through his passion for music, he released his new album Takonzeka then it was Ndadikira in the year of 2011. But before all these albums he first had a Tape. Since then he was just releasing singles up to when he did that Takonzeka Album, the mix tape was a fusion of different beats both Gospel and Secular. And his new album is on the market. The most interesting bit about Birthmark Banda is that he is well determined and vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm. He fights for what he desire and believe in and doing it through God because nothing good comes easy and with God everything is possible. So every life event in his life he considers it to be special because he believes that everything happens for a reason. Apart from the above, he has a keen interest in watching movies, playing basketball and listening to music for more information...