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Desmond Chideme, known as Stunner was born May 11 1980, is one of the top artists in the Urban Grooves genre in Zimbabwe. However, Stunner's rap and hip hop beats go beyond Urban Grooves with variety in his songs and styles. Throughout it all whether rap, hip hop, love songs, or gospel, Stunner's music has a definite Zimbabwean flavor. He had successful international tours to Spain, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia. From Glen Norah, he is still based in Harare, Zimbabwe and continues to rise in fame and popularity. Stunner began as a dancer and then became an artist in his own right. He began the Tazzoita Cash Records label that has signed and produced albums for artists such as ExQ, Jnr Brown and Shastro. Stunner dreamed of owning his own studio and has seen that become reality for more information...